Youth Ministry

At LaRue Baptist Church, it is our aim to ground young people in the truth and the gospel of Christ. In both our Teen Sunday School class, and in our youth activities, we try to teach our students the doctrines of scripture while challenging them to exercise their faith so they can experience the power of God in their lives. Our youth leaders, the Delaneys and the McNeils, work as a team to try to accomplish this.

Adolescence is a critical time for the formation of a young person's faith. They have to learn how to make their faith personal. Having Christian friends and a place where they are welcomed and encouraged are very important in their spiritual development. Each week we gather the teens in Sunday school to show them how the Bible is relevant in their lives.  We work to create a welcoming environment in which the teens are invited to share their lives with each other and grow in their understanding of what it means to be followers of Jesus. We have prayer time with each other, challenge them to work on basic Bible skills like learning the books of the Bible, sing choruses, play Bible games, and most importantly, we have a lesson from the Word of God that they can apply to their lives.
We also strive to have youth activities about once a month. We try to organize activities that minister to young people in a wholesome environment for spiritual growth. These times typically include dinner, games or some sort of outing, and either preaching or a devotional from our youth leaders. We have had many different kinds of youth activities and outings ranging from playing games at the church to taking a trip to the Creation Museum or spending a day at the Bill Rice Ranch. We enjoy getting together with other church youth groups for outings as well.
If you don’t already have a church home, bring your young people to join our LaRue Baptist youth group and Sunday School. It's a great place for them to meet new friends, attend some great outings, and be challenged each week to live for Christ.